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Thinking About Listing?
You have the opportunity to make big money renting your home, apartment, room, or condo to fans who will arrive in your home town from all over to see the big event. Hotels in the host city will be difficult to find. TV and news crews, fans, teams, and other companies have already reserved thousands of hotel rooms for the week of the event. Residents can expect to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day for their places. Many are willing to pay big money to fulfill their sports fantasy.
EventStays.com allows you to list your place on the internet and puts you in contact with prospective renters. For a one time listing fee of $95, your listing will run on the website to be viewed by all the people in need of a place to stay for the big event! The listing will post immediately after payment and will remain up until it is rented or when the event starts.
Bonus! Talk to your licensed accountant or financial planner to discuss how this income can be TAX FREE!!
There is no need for a management company with our service. You decide who rents your home, and what it is worth. This web site is registered with Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Excite, and Overture. We also promote our site and your listings via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other Social Media. We are everywhere!
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Some feedback...

"...A friend of mine told me about your site. This is perfect...and easy too! I think by the end of the week, you may have my whole block posted on your site ;-) You were very helpful, by the way. Thanks for answering my questions..."

- Mike S.

“…Great site. I registered and posted my home in about 3 minutes! Very simple. ..”

- Nick P.

"...You guys have made this so easy. I had my home listed with pics and everything in just minutes. Thanks for making it simple while keeping me in control of what I do with my home..."

- Debbie M.

“…It has been a dream of mine to go to the World Cup and you guys helped make that possible. I couldn’t find anyone that does what you do…at least not the way you do it anyway. I rented the perfect place. Thanks so much!...”

- Carl L.

"...This is a cool site. My girlfriend liked it too. The Football 101 was helpful. Saved me hours of explanation I'm sure I've already gone over, but what are ya gonna do? Ha. I like the news section too, though it's really all about making it easy to list my place and easy for people to find it. Your site does that and does it well. It's a pleasure to come across a site that does what it is supposed to and is easy to use. Thanks!"

- Eric L.

“…I never thought of renting out my house during an event like the Olympics before. What a creative way to make myself extra money…and a lot of it, for such a short period of time. Listing my home and adding pictures was a snap. Good job…”

- Theresa M.