EventStays.com - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is EventStays.com?
EventStays.com is a venue for people, who have a place to rent, to find people, who need a place to rent (and vice versa) in the host city of large events - such as the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, etc. In a nutshell, EventStays.com is an advertising tool.
We offer a one page advertisement of your property with up to six pictures. We have a simple form you can fill out to start advertising your place on the web. This is especially good for when Special Events such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, or The World Cup are being hosted in your city. You can list your place on our site here to rent out to visitors who would like to be there for the event. Many people in the past have made thousands of dollars by doing so! Please take a look at some current listings to get an idea.
What is a reasonable price to ask to rent my property?
It is difficult to estimate a price without an assessment. Prices generally range anywhere from a few hundred dollars per night to thousands of dollars per night. Other properties listed on the site can give you an idea of a reasonable price range for this event. Please take a look.
How much does it cost to list my place?
It is a flat rate of $95 to list your place, whether it is a house, condo, apartment, penthouse, or studio. There is also an option to upgrade to a Featured Listing for an additional $25 which gives you Premiere Placement on the Home page as well as placement on the general search results and listings page. You may add this upgrade at the time of payment if you like.
Is it possible to update my advertisement?
YES. Once you list your place, you will receive a User Name and Password via e-mail. You can log into EventStays.com, by clicking on 'Login' above and update any information about your listing. Updates are FREE!
I don't have any pictures of my property, can I list now and add them later?
YES. You can update your listing at any time. This means you can list your property now, and take pictures at any time. You can come back at any time to edit or update your listing until the date of the event.
Can I advertise more than one place?
YES. There is no limit to the amount of places you can advertise on EventStays.com. This service offers a great opportunity to make some extra money from your property.
Can I link to an existing advertisement?
YES. You can add a link right in the description section of your listing. Just enter HTML like this: <a href="http://EventStays.com">EventStays.com</a>
How soon will my advertisement be available?
Immediately, upon receipt of payment. If you pay by credit card, your listing will be available right when your card is accepted.
What kind of protection does the home owner have against damage, theft etc. when renting out a home?
EventStays.com does not have any role in the rental agreement for the property, and therefore has no role in protection from damage. Most people are respectful of property when renting. However, you should be careful with your screening process, and get as much information as possible about your potential renter. Also be sure to get an appropriate deposit. EventStays.com does not assume any liability whatsoever. We simply provide a venue to list your property. Please see Disclaimer link below.
Am I covered by my homeowners/renters insurance?
You should check with your insurance company before you "Rent for Profit" your primary residence. Insurance companies may exclude coverage under some circumstances.